About Classic Homeopathy

Homeopathy is the system of holistic medicine first established by the German physician Doctor Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. This sophisticated science is regulated in many countries such as Canada, North America and India. Popular amongst the British Royal family, it is recommended by the WHO for homeopathy to be integrated to the mainstream health care worldwide. In countries where homeopathy is regulated, it is typically a 3-year- diploma program with basic training on anatomy, physiology pathology, nutrition, and extensive training on the art and science of homeopathy. Although it had been attacked throughout the history, this amazing medicine had passed on for one simple reason, it works!

Classical homeopathy works and is popular and regulated in many countries, how it works remains controversial as of year 2019

Let me be clear on this, I am only one humble Chinese woman, and by no means do I suggest nor imply that my fellow Chinese residents should abandon conventional medical treatments; in fact, many conventionally trained doctors have cooperated with homeopaths to practice effective treatments around the world! I am merely telling the story of my own personal journey to freedom, many schools that I have been to, many countries that I have visited, many books that I have read, thousands of people that I have observed. To people who are aware that they are suffering much as I did before, perhaps they could stop suffering as well?

I strongly propose that you do your own extensive research and make the best possible choice for yourself, because no insurance company, nor doctors nor any person could honestly and genuinely claim that s/he guarantees and is responsible for your own freedom and happiness. The quest for the magic pill and all sorts of instant quick-fixes had proven themselves to be futile and unrealistic. Instead of expecting a magic instant cure for every problem, doesn’t it make more sense that an older problem should take longer to solve? Homeopathy can give that one gentle push that you needed all along.

Here I may say something perhaps difficult to comphrehend for a lot of people, “The root of most diseases are specific delusional ideas.” Homeopathy can aid someone get a more accurate glimpse of the nature of reality, the vital force can be activated for the ridding of delusional ideas, for this the defense mechanism is strengthened, and would automatically start solving problems by itself, this is as it is.

***Homeopathy has remained the most popular complimentary therapy worldwide according to the WHO, however, currently it is not regulated by the laws of Hong Kong SAR, therefore there are no associated licenses required to practice homeopathy in Hong Kong. Homeopathy does not involve diagnosis, treatments, medications, laboratory tests, tissue and joint manipulations or surgeries performed by regulated medical professionals such as medical doctors, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, dentists, chiropractors and physiotherapists. 
Download: 'WHO Integrating Homeopathy in Health Systems' pdf here