Obstacles to cure and Miasms
Common obstacles to cure:


The biggest antidote to homeopathy is coffee, other anti-doting agents include perfume, mint and camphor, but coffee will spoil the case and cause a relapse 90% of the time, so if you decided to take on homeopathy you must first quit coffee, decaf is allowed.


Antibiotics, cortico-steroid and vaccination

Antibiotics, steroid and vaccinations are the pharmaceuticals that can suppress the immunity greatly and cause a patient to jump to a lower health group according to Vithoulkas, due to the current politics in the field of medicine of year 2019 Hong Kong, it is recommended you do your own research and make the best choice for your own health.


Chronic stress

Chronic stress is a natural source of cortical hormones and it can suppress the immunity. Common human stress is stress from work, stress about money and stress about relationships.


Lack of exercise

The human body is designed to walk each day, the lymphatic system is part of the immune system and the muscles are its pump. A sedentary lifestyle can suppress the immunity as well.


I am not going to start giving nutritional advice, but just to highlight a few things. Common insidious food substances include sugar, alcohol, trans fat and MSG. Also many large fishes have mercury toxicity problems. Fiber is important for the intestine as well. Quality oil such as omega 3 in form of flax extract and vitamin C (must be natural source) is commonly lacking in the Hong Kong diet.

OVERFEEDING is also a problem of the affluent societies, fortunately, obesity is not as prevalent in China compared to Australia and America, because we generally  do not interest in processed food, coke, popcorn, refined sugar, junk foods etc; in America and Australia, over 50% of the general population are obese, humans DO NOT NEED to eat 3 meals each day, it is a myth. You may just go to the nature to look which animals have to eat 3 times each day to stay alive, it’s simply not possible in the jungle; and during the evolution of humans since 200,000 years,  only just right about the time before I was born(Now you know how old I am) there was surplus and excess of food, ALL my half siblings and my parents and my grandparents ALL had to worry about food, all animals have evolved and adapted to function best while slightly hungry, it is normal to be little hungry! Fasting can stimulate the production of growth hormone, which is the key to anti-aging, not face creams, the Taoists advocate regular practice of fasting to cultivate longevity.


Growth and repair can only facilitate with good quality sleep, sleeping quality should be maximized for a swift cure.

Water pollution

Hong Kong water is quite dirty, it is chlorinated and fluoridated, any person that practices awareness can readily smell all the foulness in Hong Kong tap water, we also have possibility of lead toxicity. Do Install a quality filter.


Mercury dental fillings

This is less controversial than homeopathy, many dentists have already completely abolished the use of dental amalgam in the last few years. Even my secondary school chemistry teacher has taught on day one how toxic is mercury in the case of spillage we need to call a technician to collect it blah blah. But some genius from the last century thought well…… mercury is only so toxic in the conical flask in the lab, I think it is going to be just fine in little children’s mouth. Sigh….. Again, please do your own research.


Recreational drugs

This is a big No No on top of being illegal, we notice some sort of permanent brain damage from marijuana users, and if someone had a psychedelic drug abuse history, the prognosis is not good.


A general lack of awareness

Most Chronic diseases didn’t happen in one day, the body would have tried to give a thousand warning signals before it had reached such imbalances we call diseases. I have observed that a good percentage of the population with problems don’t usually understand that they have the problems to start with, the practice of Taichi or meditation can increase one’s consciousness much to be aware of the changes of the body.



This may sound a little religious, but this is what I have observed after meeting thousands of people, the karma/ the luck of sick people is generally really quite bad! Not only the person himself, the environment and the friends were all quite negative, even if some jackpot angel was flashing red light in front of the person, a person with bad karma simply cannot see it, he may even attack the angel; however, during my journey in the last 20 years, I have found that sickness and adversities in life are the best catalyst for soul growth. And it is such that a person going through the bad luck will struggle to find the cure.


So, here is another point from the homeopathy-atheists, they are claiming that homeopathy has worked because homeopaths give good health advice, and therefore why aren’t the proper doctors doing this already? Because apparently all we need are people to tell others to eat their carrots to be free from any disease.

Stated above are advice to clear most obstacles to cure, the remaining will be clear picture of a correct remedy, amongst the sick there are people that really do take care of all the above as well, how may this be explained then? Good lifestyle advice alone can only potentially cure group A clients, see levels of health, but alone itself is not enough to explain the miraculous results we get from homeopathy.



Miasm theory

“Miasm” is a term found in Hahnemann’s books quite often. Miasm means “stain”, it is a sort of genetic tendency to disease that can be passed on to the offspring. Hahnemann had proposed the psoric, sycotic and syphilitic miasms to be the root of all diseases; homeopaths after Hahnemann had also discovered new miasms such as the tuberculosis and cancer miasm. If the homeopath was sure of the remedy, and have tried different pharmacies to make sure the remedy wasn’t spoiled, and it seems the remedy didn’t act as we expected, we will need to look even deeper to check for a possible miasmatic layer. The tuberculosis and cancer miasm are not uncommon. A correct remedy that can target the underlying miasmatic layer will open up the case, only then, the correct remedy can do its job, this is the main job of a homeopathy actually, to decipher the correct sequence of remedy, this takes quite a lot of experience and study.