Regain your heath- What is possible and what is not.

Homeopathy can help one maximizes the destined life potential. The health that was lost due to various traumatic experiences and stresses may be recovered, homeopathy works best for various functional ailments.

However, for the unfortunate ones that were truly born at lower levels of health can only be palliated. Such are people with severe pathology such as juvenile diabetes, multiple sclerosis, children’s cancer, autism etc, It is not possible to live one more day of what had been pre-destined.

It is often observed that where local symptoms were brutally suppressed with various means, the result can only be deeper damages and a shorter lifespan of the organism, because these are individuals that were not born with enough energy to develop into a 100- year-old human.

If a homeopath have refused a case, it is for good reasons. For more information, please read the ‘Introduction to Classical Homeopathy‘.

The process

2) Make Appointment

You will receive an email to reserve your appointment.

There is a $180 non- refundable registration fee for the initial consultation.

24 hours’ notice is required for cancellation or rescheduling your consultation and follow-up, otherwise it is considered no-show, appointments are allowed to be rescheduled up to two times.

3) Consultation

Come to the consultation, your highly individualized remedy will typically be prescribed within the 1.5-hour consultation.

4) Expected Symptoms

If the remedy was correct, we should expect an initial aggravation of the existing symptoms.

Old symptoms may re-appear following the Law of Herring.

***Appearance of new symptoms you never had before may be indication of the wrong remedy being prescribed.

5) Time-frame of recovery

As a rule of thumb, each year of suffering takes one month to go away.

Depending on your level of health, the total number of remedies and hence, number of consultations required until the ultimate cure can be reached is varied, treatments must be stopped when a client feels well enough, after the joy of life is regained, even if there were minor symptoms going on, he would say,

“ I feel so much better! I still have the itch on the skin but it doesn’t bother me and I can live with it.”

6) Chronic prescribing

Chronic prescribing is as peeling an onion layer by layer, after the initial remedy had been correctly prescribed, you may feel rather well for months until your next remedy is needed, it is all up to the vital force to make the best decisions;

the chronic condition would have ameliorated and old suppressed symptoms would re-appear following the direction of cure of 33 Herring’s Law, your subsequent consultation is needed when your symptoms have changed to the next remedy of the underlying layer, generally speaking, WAIT unless you feel the new symptoms are really unbearable.

7) Miasm and obstacles to cure

Sometimes it can happen that after the correct remedy had been prescribed, while the homeopath is really quite sure of the remedy for the chief complaints, and also tried another pharmacy, yet nothing seems to have happened for the chronic complaints, it can be due to an underlying miasmatic layer and various obstacles to cure; this could happen for the lower group 2 and group 3 clients where the symptoms are not clear as the higher level of health, this makes prescribing extremely difficult because the vitality is low.

In such a case, re-evaluation is needed to decipher the underlying miasm, only if the miasm had been removed, the case will be opened up, the correct remedy can only act after this.

8) Follow up evaluation

Follow-up is essential to check if the remedy has acted, a 30 minute follow up session within 2 months of the consultation  is included.

9) Get well soon!

You don’t need me anymore bye bye ~