Homeopathy Hong Kong- How to tell if it’s authentic?

Hello everyone! I am so glad this website is pretty much complete! I am excited to spread positivity in this vast internet.

Here I would like to share my experiences during my journey to health, I actively promote classical Homeopathy and traditional Chinese culture, I wish everyone a smoother ride on the life’s journey.

Homeopathy 101, how to tell the authenticity?

Hong Kong is such a multi-cultural, free and mesmerizing place, opinions are about infinite, therefore I took on the strategy to talk less and do much. How to tell if something was genuine, only wisdom can aid, wisdom is not found on books, it slowly came after you started walking your own life’s journey. Here I attempt to explain the situation of Homeopathy in 2019 Hong Kong.

In 2019 Hong Kong, there are no laws to regulate homeopathy. Any therapy outside the realm of conventional western medicine or dentistry could be called ‘complimentary medicine. In China, the most popular form of complimentary aid is Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), other therapies include, physiotherapy, chiropractic, bone-setting, naturopathy, in fact I would say facials and cosmetological services are alternative therapies as well, only the marketing are so good that we think  it is normal in Hong Kong. An even more hippie therapy would be Chigong and Reiki, and what is really touching the realm of witchcraft is the all controversial H word- homeopathy. What is it? I would say, about less than 10 persons really knows what is homeopathy in China.

Being born in the all- envied ‘Doctor Daddy’ family, both my father and grandfather were conventional western doctors, and many in the families are regular doctors and nurses; since baby, I was a devout believer in the cult of allopathy. Until I turned 17, I realised I was unbearably sick, I made a difficult choice, to trust myself or my demi-god father? I chose the first, and decided I would rather die than swallowing another pill. During the last decade, I have tried everything as long as I didn’t have to take anymore chemicals, nor going through invasive procedures, somehow, I understood that the human body is the closest thing to perfection under the sky, and less is more. At age 21 I met a TCM doctor, I was so astounded by what he was capable of, I started almost worshipping TCM and traditional Chinese culture, however I didn’t find a permanent cure. In year 2015, I came across homeopathy in Hong Kong, again found some relief but not a permanent cure as implied possible by that particular organisation for homeopoathy. I gave another couple of years, and decided, I can’t trust anyone anymore, I will study myself, and got cured of all my problems. Therefore, I can humbly tell I know about this subject of health. It is quite a strange thing in Hong Kong, you find that not very rich people roaming around teaching people how to become rich, also not very healthy people preaching about how to become healthy, it makes so much sense, huh? It had been a long and difficult journey, and I am glad I made it, and am ready to help others solve the problems I had before.

I had experienced how good are the salespersons in Hong Kong in general, I assure there are people in the city that will tell you that the sun rises from west for 1000 dollars. Therefore, I have practised to speak less, do more, and research more.

Homeopathy is a system of holistic medicine established by the German physician, Dr Samuel Hahnemann, in 1796. It is important and I stress on “Classical Homeopathy”, classical homeopathy is the system that most strictly follows the teachings and principles of Hahnemann himself, a typical classical homeopathy service should have the following characteristics:

  1. one single dose, of a single remedy is prescribed at a time as opposed to “poly-pharmacy”;
  2. only classical remedies carefully proved are used;
  3. prescriptions are based on the totality of the symptoms as opposed to local pathologies;
  4. unless the patient’s life was endangered, no other therapies, medicine nor supplements are recommended during treatment;
  5. before cure is achieved, no coffee is allowed, decaf is ok : );
  6. the process of cure will follow Herring’s Law, where the most life-restricting symptom typically first disappears, and will move from the more vital organ to the less vital and ultimately exit the body.
  7. it can only be taught in English, reason being, about 90% of the references of homeopathy is in English, therefore a solid proficiency in English is a pre-requisite to study the science of Homeopathy, to attempt to learn Homeopathy in Chinese, is akin to learning traditional Chinese medicine in English, it’s simply impossible.

For more details, you may download “An introduction to classical Homeopathy

How about homeopathy that is not “classical”? Here, I would prefer not to talk much on this, for a traditional Chinese, it is better not to talk about negative things. And by the way, fake homeopathy may be doing less harm than other things very accessible and legal in Hong Kong. It is better to focus on the self than judging others. Let the consumers judge. How to tell if your physician really wants the best for you? It can only be felt by the heart, here at Pacific Holistic Health what I can promise is careful analysis of each case, and strictly NO multi-level-marketing kind of commercial activities. This is as true as the sun.

May I wish you the swiftest cure, and all the best wishes!

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