What a nice surprise!

Just a few days ago I prescribed Calcarea Carbonica for a friend, his main problem was much anxiety, and the symptom totality exactly matched that of Calc in the eyes of a homeopath, so I gave him one dose with much confidence. Homeopathy is a form of holistic medicine, soon as the vital force is re-energized by a correct remedy of the correct potency, the best possible reaction is to fall extremely sleepy for a week, during this time which, the body would turn itself into repair mode, whatever problems that the body might have would exit the body in a hierarchical order, from the most life limiting, to the least life limiting.

This friend of mine happen to be quite lucky to be free from coffee and cortico- steroid, therefore the result was remarkable, also we had a nice little surprise accompanying the rid of his anxiety. He asked if I cast a spell, or gave him psychedelic drugs, or Viagra, he was completely immobilized except for one body part. First time since 6 years.

Within one minute after taking the remedy, he experienced extreme drowsiness, he almost walked into the flowers!

I said, “no, its no Viagra, nor Voodoo spells, the remedy is merely a signal that vibrates at a similar frequency as you, some even says it’s only placebo.”

It would be nice to have a placebo that works better than Viagra though lol.

Friend, “I feel as 18 again.”

Me, “Very nice 🙂 ”

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