About Ms Young Lam

Ms Young Lam

Both my father and grandfather were the tall and handsome conventional medical doctors (MDs), since a child, it was easier for me to find any drugs than a candy.

There are quite a lot that I could talk about, but long story short, I have decided that I’d rather die than taking one more pill when I was 19, from then on, I have investigated in any possible methods to health-keeping, long as I did not have to take anymore pills. And from year 2018, I found myself capable of solving many problems that many people have, because I solved them for myself.

I have travelled and read extensively, and finally I solved the problems of myself, my friends and my pets with Homeopathy and Taichi.

I am a qualified hair hairdresser, a fitness guru and a homeopath. Currently, I hold certificates on homeopathy and physiology.


– Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine- Homeopathy and Health Sciences
Diploma (2019- present)
– VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology 2019 (Completed)
– Tai Chi training following the 12th generation Chen’s Style Tai Chi Master (on going)
– ICAH E-learning program on Classical Homeopathy 2019(completed)
– School of Homeopathy First Aid Course on Homeopathy 2017(completed)
-Vidal Sassoon 35 weeks Diploma (NVQ3) 2013(completed)
– Hong Kong University, Chinese Medicine 2011(not completed)
– University of Melbourne, Bachelor of Science 2009(not completed)